EUS membership is the most valuable ticket to fun and professional development available at UQ! EUS is a group of clubs that encompass all engineering disciplines:

  • CESA for Civil Engineering;
  • ChESS for Chemical and Environmental Engineering;
  • EBESS for Electrical and Electrically-Based Engineering;
  • MAMA for Mining and Metallurgical Engineering;
  • MESS for Mechanical Engineering; and
  • Skirts for Women in Engineering, although they openly welcome members of all genders.

Together, we host events and promote a community that we hope is accessible to all members, and our goal is to provide everyone with the opportunity to grow socially, professionally and personally.

Membership of EUS gives you Free Pool at the Red Room (see below) from Week 1, and gets you discounts to a huge range of social and industry events held by ourselves and affiliated clubs:

  • Networking Evenings
  • EUS Careers Fair (semesterly)
  • Academic Soirees
  • Launch BBQs
  • Launch Parties
  • Pub Crawls
  • Board Game Nights and Movie Nights
  • Group activities like coming together to:
    • Walk or run the Mothers Day Classic
    • Donate Blood
    • Raise awareness for Mental Health
  • Social Sport Teams – one-off and semester-long options
  • BALLS!
  • For use in the Red Room, log in to your account on your phone or device and go to the “Dashboard” under “Account”. Here you’ll have an EUS Membership Card, which flips when you touch it. Let the staff give this a try to validate your membership!
    • Why no longer a physical card? We’ve done this to reduce our environmental impact, and to ensure the card is attached to your account exclusively.
  • Otherwise, your Student Number will be used to validate your membership on just about any other events run by EUS and its subclubs!
  • Membership resets at the end of each academic year (i.e. calendar year).
  • Membership to each club gives you voting rights in that club for annual executive position elections. As a First Year Engineering member, you can vote in EUS but you’ll have to buy full membership to a subclub for $5 to be able to vote. We’d love to see you get involved as much as you’d like in that year though!
  • We will send an initial login password to your UQ email address if you’re a UQ student – you can change this email address once you’ve logged in. This is to ensure your Student Number is valid.