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Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Zoom! Oh.

Jokes! Restrictions are lifting and you can now have 5 visitors in your house. We understand you’ve all missed your friends this semester and so it’s time to get your social socks on and reunite as EUS presents their first ever trivia night!

To celebrate the end of semester EUS is encouraging you all to get a team of 6 together to face 8 fiery rounds of trivia to demonstrate your prowess and superiority over your friends with all of the useless knowledge circulating around in that brain of yours.

When: 5th June 2020 | 6pm to 8pm

Prize: EUS is going all out by giving you the chance to win $100 gift voucher for your team!!!

• Assemble your team (you do not have to be in the same
location, it is up to you).
• Connect via the provided Zoom and Kahoot link and await
the host and MC for the night Tom Nugent.
• Questions will be posed over Kahoot where you will be
required to select 1 of the 4 answers provided (only 1
person is required to answer per group).
• The groups that are the fastest and pick the correct
answer will score the highest. A ladder update will occur
periodically through the night with the overall winner
announced at the end of the 8 rounds.
• An instructional video will be released soon to get
everyone up to speed

Note: While it is a fun event we are still under restrictions by the government and are only allowed to have a maximum of 5 visitors home so please be aware of this.

Don’t forget to register a team for your chance to win a $100 Gift Card!

(Please note: The Zoom link will be realised via. the Facebook event. – If you do not have Facebook and wish to attend this event please email [email protected])