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Struggling to show people that you do chem eng now that you’re not stuck in don nick? Want to mix up your wardrobe as the seasons change? Well look no further, ChESS has new and improved merch for sale!!

$23 black, navy or white t-shirts
$35 for black or grey ChESS UQ sweaters
$35 black or navy embroidered UQ Chemical Engineering hoodies
$15 for black or blue UQ Chemical Engineering caps
$10 ChESS socks
$7 Bumbag
Sizes: XS – 2XL

Because of the oddities that this year has caused, we’ve decided that rather than hosting in person sales for 2 weeks, we will hold sales via a google form for the entire month of May!


Please fill out the following form for sizing, quantity and payment of your merch:

Google Form to Purchase your Merch!:

Google Drive Folder with Sizing Info:

Make sure you keep a hold of your squarepay receipt numbers and confirmation emails so we can keep track of everything!

Get excited for the hottest isolation lounge wear of the season. We love you all and hope you’re staying safe ~ ChESS execs