EUS Connect

Dedicated to First Year Engineers

First year is daunting, we know! But EUS Connect are here to ease your transition from High School to UQ.

Hello and welcome from the EUS Connect (EUSC) Committee. We are a sub-club of EUS, made up of second year engineering students and formed to teach first years the ropes of UQ life. Last year, we stood in your position and now understand how traumatic the first day really is. What got us through to our second year you ask? Well, we started attending events held by EUSC and the other sub-clubs of EUS. Soon we discovered that we were socially and academically more confident in our Uni life as we now had a like-minded, support group to tackle challenges with.

It is our goal this year to continue organising events that help you meet your first year cohort and overcome tough decisions relating to your chosen engineering pathways. We want to help make friendships that last you through to your graduation.

Remember to follow ‘EUS Connect’ on Facebook and Instagram for all the information you need to fly through your first year of Engineering.

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You’ll see us around at the dozens of events we run each year!
Adeleine Watson
Adeleine WatsonSecretary
Hannah KenwayAcademic
Shafaat Husain
Shafaat HusainTreasurer
Ellen Mulrooney
Ellen MulrooneySocial
Alexander Oelkers
Alexander OelkersSocial
Kelly Zhou
Kelly ZhouMedia