President’s welcome

Welcome to the UQ Engineering Undergraduate Society! EUS is one of the largest student run societies on campus, providing you with the opportunity to meet like-minded people and make your university experience truly memorable. I can personally attribute many of the friends I have made at UQ to becoming an EUS member back in first year!

Whether it be the social events to celebrate with friends, or the career orientated events to introduce you to employers, EUS and the affiliated sub-clubs offer a plethora of opportunities to enrich your university journey. These have been some of the best memories of my life to date and I’m sure I share this thought with all my fellow executives. This year, I hope to help bring back the events we have all come to know and love, or perhaps introduce you to them if it is your first time with us. I’m excited to get to know as many of you as I can and look forward to you joining us in 2021! Welcome aboard!

Below is a guide for what we have planned for 2021, I hope to see you at our next event!

2020 Guide

Our Executive

Utkrist Paudyal
Utkrist PaudyalSecretary
Anthony Longhurst
Anthony LonghurstTreasurer
Simeon Gover
Simeon GoverVP Social
Arabella Dow
Arabella DowVP Careers
Alon Nusem
Alon NusemVP Sponsorship
Joshua Baker-Lahey
Joshua Baker-LaheyVP Media
Advaith Suresh
Advaith SureshVP Engagement
Drew Nairn
Drew NairnTechnical Officer
  • President: Tom Nugent
  • Secretary: Daniel McEniery
  • Treasurer: Utkrist Paudyal
  • VP Careers: Hugo Schmelzer
  • VP Media: Riley Mackey
  • VP Social: Lauren Pavitt
  • VP Sponsorship: Marnie Stollznow
  • VP International: Shalet Shaji
  • VP Procurement: Dhruv Singh
  • IT Officer: Zerlina Lahz
  • President: Harry Digby
  • Secretary: Marnie Stollznow
  • Treasurer: Tom Nugent
  • VP Careers: Tara O’Kane
  • VP Media: Brian Tiu
  • VP Social: Sofia Angi
  • VP Sponsorship: Monica Hyland
  • Procurement Officer: Corneels de Waard
  • IT Officer: Mitch Smith
  • President: Rhiannon Webb
  • Secretary: Harry Digby
  • Treasurer: Kyriakos Tapinou
  • VP Careers: Zibo Lin
  • VP Media: Rupsha Kundu
  • VP Social: Marnie Stollznow
  • VP Sponsorship: Daniel Hutchison
  • Procurement Officer: Robert Farell
  • IT Officer: Corneels de Waard
  • President: Jeremy Lwin
  • Secretary: Luke Gilogey
  • Treasurer: Kelcie Bourne
  • VP Careers: Zoe Little
  • VP Media: Sebastian Camus
  • VP Social: Jake Dobinson
  • VP Sponsorship: Melissa Dierens
  • Procurement Officer: Dugald Hastie
  • IT Officer: Matthew O’Meally
  • President: Agata Pokora
  • Secretary: Naomi Sinclair
  • Treasurer: Toby Schmidt
  • VP Careers: Kelcie Bourne
  • VP Media: Jeremy Lwin
  • VP Social: Alex Leigh
  • VP Sponsorship: Caroline Robinson
  • Procurement Officer: Jake Dobinson
  • IT Officer: Damir Mitrovic
  • President: Jessica Orr
  • Secretary: Gabrielle White
  • Treasurer: Dirk van Hest
  • VP Social: Naomi Sinclair
  • VP Careers: Agata Pokora
  • VP Sponsorship: Sophia Impiccini
  • VP Media: Harrison Greig
  • Merch Officer: Toby Schmidt
  • IT Officer: Damir Mitrovic
  • President: Tom Lucas
  • Secretary: Becky Thomas
  • Treasurer: Sam Denman
  • VP Social: Seamus O’Connor
  • Contact us if you were a part of EUS but not on this list ([email protected])
  • President: Miranda McLachlan
  • Secretary: Sam Myers
  • Treasurer: Harsha Pappu
  • VP Careers: Tara Jackson
  • VP Social: Lachlan McAlister
  • VP Sponsorship: Liam Montgomery
  • Merchandise Officer: Shannon Mason
  • IT Officer: Damir Mitrovic
  • Contact us if you were a part of EUS but not on this list ([email protected])
  • President: Annabelle Hassall
  • Secretary: Lauren Beynon
  • VP Social: Brenton Goves
  • VP Careers: Miranda McLachlan
  • VP Sponsorship: Michael Ayres
  • Contact us if you were a part of EUS but not on this list ([email protected])
  • President: Michael Zivic
  • Secretary: David Paine
  • Treasurer: Julie Hazzard
  • VP Careers: Holly Duncan
  • VP Media: Annabelle Hassall
  • VP Social: Adrian Smith